Release Notes - App Framework - Version 2.0 - HTML format


  • [AF-13] - Make AppFrameWorkService a top-level bean
  • [AF-14] - IllegalArgumentException is thrown when loading apps and extensions
  • [AF-19] - Add javascript support as an extension type
  • [AF-20] - Apps and Extensions should be visible with no logged in user if they have no required privilege
  • [AF-24] - Allow other modules to use appframework-api's test-jar without getting its test apps
  • [AF-28] - AllExtensions class name is confusing

New Feature

  • [AF-8] - Remove dependency on UI Framework module
  • [AF-9] - Placeholder "list of apps" homepage for testing purposes
  • [AF-10] - Introduce generic interfaces to represent Extension and ExtensionPoint, and refactor AppDescriptor
  • [AF-15] - Add method to AppFrameworkService to fetch extensions by extentionPointId
  • [AF-16] - Extensions and Apps need to support a requiredPrivilege property
  • [AF-21] - Support comments in app and extension json files
  • [AF-22] - Support App Templates and let App instances inherit from them
  • [AF-23] - Create LocationTag for locations that support login when the module starts up
  • [AF-25] - Support for only showing an extension in some cases, depending on contextModel
  • [AF-26] - Add the ability to toggle apps and extensions via feature toggles
  • [AF-29] - Support for limiting extensions by 'require' expression on the server side


  • [AF-11] - Modify one app from Mirebalais to use the new App Framework
  • [AF-12] - Example of an HTML5+JS app

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