Release Notes - OpenMRS Core - Version OpenMRS 1.7.2 - HTML format


  • [TRUNK-296] - Openmrs constant PRIV_PURGE_PATIENT_PROGRAMS is set to Add Patient Programs
  • [TRUNK-431] - "Data Entry Statistics" visible to all users under Administration
  • [TRUNK-1620] - Updated OpenMRS logo and colors in logo are not correct
  • [TRUNK-1666] - Improve speed of iterating changes during module development
  • [TRUNK-1840] - initialsetup: OpenMRS logo text is not correct
  • [TRUNK-1845] - Fix runtime properties file lookup in InitializationFilter
  • [TRUNK-1847] - New obs in sets do not have + sign next to creator/changed by
  • [TRUNK-1870] - Exit Patient From Care does not work in vanilla installation
  • [TRUNK-1874] - CSRF Attack error occur during patient search with Tomcat 7
  • [TRUNK-1888] - Modify HibernateConceptDao "getConceptByMapping" method so that it ignores voided concepts -- Openmrs 1.6, 1.7
  • [TRUNK-1889] - When voiding a patient via the standard Patient Form, validation does not enforce entering a "void reason"
  • [TRUNK-1917] - Drug Order, edit fails because of IllegalArgumentException
  • [TRUNK-1930] - Update dateChanged and changedBy fields on Auditable objects through a hibernate interceptor
  • [TRUNK-1958] - In web layer, Spring CustomDateEditor initialization should be modified to better prevent against bad dates
  • [TRUNK-1970] - LogicService.eval methods that take a String should treat it as an expression string, not as a literal token name
  • [TRUNK-1977] - PatientService savePatient method should should not validate Patient Identifiers if the patient has been voided
  • [TRUNK-1981] - In Chrome, the edit and view links on the encounters portlet on the patient dashboard don't work right
  • [TRUNK-1986] - DataIntegrityViolationException when trying to delete a patient
  • [TRUNK-1988] - Javascript is broken in pages that include the OpenMRS header with DO_NOT_INCLUDE_JQUERY
  • [TRUNK-2000] - Admin page disappears if a bad module is uploaded
  • [TRUNK-2025] - Adding a field in schema designer creates two fields in browser but only one in backend
  • [TRUNK-2032] - Adding a new module from within OpenMRS web application reports an error
  • [TRUNK-2034] - Trying to create a user account for an existing patient actually duplicates the person
  • [TRUNK-2049] - Liquibase upgrade failure with users.user_id foreign key
  • [TRUNK-2051] - Chrome shows horizontal scrollbar on every page
  • [TRUNK-2117] - Fix links above the banner
  • [TRUNK-2129] - When saving voided Person PersonSaveHandler should make sure the personVoidReason field is not empty, *not* the (patient) voidReason
  • [TRUNK-2225] - headerMinimal does not include dwr js variable
  • [TRUNK-2307] - Edit this Patient (Long Form) does not properly store region, subregion, or townshipDivision fields when adding a new address
  • [TRUNK-2323] - Fix the logic in EventListeners.setGlobalPropertyListeners
  • [TRUNK-2324] - URL patterns for module servlet filter mappings should be relative to the context path
  • [TRUNK-4479] - EncounterService.getEncounters should use Person not User for providers

New Feature

  • [TRUNK-1924] - Better Integrate Address Hierarchy module with core
  • [TRUNK-1943] - Add a text attribute discontinuedReasonNonCoded (varchar 255) to Order object
  • [TRUNK-1953] - Change method signatures in LogicService, LogicContext and Rule to allow some rules to be faster and more lightweight
  • [TRUNK-1957] - Compress json data with gzip
  • [TRUNK-1968] - LogicService needs methods to evaluate multiple rules at once on a single patient
  • [TRUNK-1969] - Change method signatures in LogicDataSource to allow a NAME property on the data source (instead of specifying that in spring xml)
  • [TRUNK-1998] - Add Khmer translation

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