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Searching for patient with patient name/new feature


    • Complexity:


      Current behavior:

      • 3+ chars: prefix match only – OK, this is desired behavior
      • 2 chars: currently exact match only, but prefix match desired (search "ab" will display "Test Ab Smith" but not "Test Ablonious Smith") – NOT OK, needs fix
      • 1 char: exact match only (exact match desired) – OK
        changing minSearchCharacters to 2 will give the desired functionality above.

      Changes made in merge request:

      • 2 chars: prefix search now implemented as desired

      Possible optimizations:

      • 2 chars: prioritize: display exact match first then prefix (e.g. search = "xy", show "Xy Jones" before "Xyza Jones")
      • 1 char: prioritize: exact match first, then prefix (e.g. search = "a", show "Test A Last" before "Test Ab Last")

      Should we do prioritization on 1, 2, and 3+ chars, as described above?
      There is no substring match EVER, it’s just prefix match (e.g. searching "etty" will never find "Betty," but "Bet" will find "Betty"). Would substring match be desirable, maybe as an option?

      ###DEPRECATED (this was the previous description)

      1. When we enter single letter 'a' in patient identifier or patient name search box,
        system shows the record matching the criteria
      2. If we enter two letter as 'ad', result is 'No matching records found'
      3. If we enter three letters as 'Ada',system show the record matching the criteria

      It means that system either expecting

      • partial name with minimum 3 letters to show the result
      • the given/middle/family name comprising of only single letter.

      Examples are:

      1. Adams Kiptoon Buigit
      2. Famnice A Cheboriot

      This means that system will not accept 2 letters as search criteria, it may be nice to have such message informing the user to enter minimum three letters to search further or if it is a bug, then it may be need to resolve

      See PatientSearchCriteria, PatientServiceImpl, HibernatePatientDAO,DWRPatientService and please do make sure that when addressing this bug, you don't remove our ability to search for "jon a smith".

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