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Program/Workflow have problems with concept search


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      On the OpenMRS Administration -> Programs -> Manage Programs - > Create/Edit programs page, there is usually a problem with the information on the 3rd line with the concept-picker.

      For example, it should show this:
      Concept: HIV program (followed by a button which says "Select")

      But instead it shows this:
      Concept: "select" button

      Or this:
      Concept: <nothing>

      And rarely, it shows the correct thing.

      One of the attachments (Malawi-program) shows the program page, and shows that there is a concept with the program (HIV PROGRAM), one workflow (TREATMENT STATUS) with 12 states. But the edit/create pages don't show this.

      Here are some facts:

      • The problem has been seen on many PIH OpenMRS servers (Malawi, Rwanda and staging)
      • The problem seems to appear more often with Firefox. It behaves slightly better with IE.
      • It's often correct in the database, unless I save with that concept picker bug. Then it will save in the database without the program concept.
      • It's flakey. Perhaps it's a network issue. It is usually a problem. It will rarely work after a reload of the page.
      • It's not the only problem I've seen with the concept picker. (Hate Dojo)
      • No errors appear in the log.

      This appears to work today on the OpenMRS.org demo server (1.6.1)

      There are also additional problems which appear with the states not appearing (at all) although they are really there and in the database. (see malawi state attachment)


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