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Report Bug button link problems



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    • OpenMRS 1.7.0
    • OpenMRS 1.7.0
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      In 1.7 prereleases, the "Report Bug" link when an error is encountered links to JIRA. The link pre-populates some fields, including the JIRA issue's Summary and Description.

      JIRA limits the Summary to 255 characters. When OpenMRS sends more than that many characters in the URL's value for summary, JIRA shows an error message because too many characters are in the field, and the user cannot submit the bug report.

      A second issue is related to the Description field. It seems that it's also possible for the description to be too long. An example of this is seen when a user is not logged in to JIRA and clicks the "Report Bug" button in OpenMRS. In 1.7 Beta, JIRA's Description field is populated with the stack trace from the error message encountered. If the user is not logged in to JIRA, they are shown a message including login and sign up links. If the user clicks on this "log in" link in JIRA, the original URI (including the pre-population of summary and description with the stack trace) is appended to the login URL so the user may be re-directed to the pre-populated bug report after logging in.

      If the summary is too long, then this request for JIRA's log in page fails as the complete URI (login page + original bug report URL) is too long.

      After discussions with Sy and Wyclif, they are inclined to change the content of both the Summary and Description to be more useful. One example was to put the URI of the OpenMRS error in the Summary and any parameters in the Description, along with items like OpenMRS version, OS, Tomcat version, etc.

      As it stands now, 1.7 would be released with a less-than-fully functional "report bug" button.

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