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Updated OpenMRS logo and colors in logo are not correct


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      There are some problems with the new themes, colors, and logos introduced in 1.7 beta. Due to a long series of different people applying different filters to the 'official' rendering of the logo, multiple variations of the colors came about, and the new themes have inconsistent use of these different colors (large logo, small logo with 'new' theme, and small logo with 'legacy' theme).

      I have attached the following replacement images:

      • openmrs_logo_white_large.png. (Note: The size is 2 pixels wider but those cannot be reduced to the former 500px x 125px without distortion.)
      • openmrs_logo_short.gif, used in legacy theme. Size remains the same (extra whitespace was necessary at the right.)
      • openmrs_logo_white.gif, used in the new color themes at the top left corner. The logo element only. Same size, 100px x 98px.
      • openmrs_logo_text_small.gif, the text-only portion of the logo, used in the new themes. Same size as before, 132px x 28px.
      • openmrs_logo_tiny.png, used in the new lower right icon, again same size as the previous 25px x 25px.

      The colors for the UI elements are also incorrect. The official colors are
      Teal: 009384
      Orange: F26522
      Violet: 5B57A6
      Gold: F0A815


        1. openmrs_logo_short.gif
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          Michael Downey
        2. openmrs_logo_text_small.gif
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          Michael Downey
        3. openmrs_logo_tiny.png
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          Michael Downey
        4. openmrs_logo_white_large.png
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          Michael Downey
        5. openmrs_logo_white.gif
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          Michael Downey

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