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Duplicates of parents should not be saved



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      Mother and father are saved always as new persons. Parents should be created only once.

      Copied from Yves GAKUBA's mail:

      We indeed noticed that when children of same parents are created we each time create the parents:
      i.e. if 4 children share same parents, we will have to create 4 times the same parents, which means we are wasting our memory space.
      (You can take a look at these 2 patients as examples :,

      Proposed improvement:

      • the UI displays items containing Rwandan name, deleted-French/Ango name and age-deleted in the mother/father AJAX autocomplete list
        • database query for autocomplete has to be modified
      • if the user selects one of the items, the Rwandan name, deleted-French/Ango name and age-deleted is used for the database query
        • deleted-otherwise two more input fields are displayed to enter French/Ango name and age-deleted
        • database query has to be modified
      • if the database query returns more than one person, another screen is displayed similar to " Is this the right person? " page
      • all input fields for mother and father are not mandatory - that allows the user to skip this step

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