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Import of large form seemingly never finishes



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: TBD
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 0.10 (GSoC 2011)
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    • Component/s: None
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      I have an export package (see attached) that contains 754 related objects. Most are concepts and drugs. After MDS completes the initial process of parsing the package and I finish assessing the changes, I click the import button and wait for quite a long time. The server is apparently still processing the form when I give up, and I believe the longest I have waited is about two hours. We have several forms that we will need to share in this way, and do not have this much time. I hope that it is a problem (with a solution) and not just that I need to wait longer to finish the process.


        1. After TRUNK-2673 small form import A.snapshot.gz
          5.85 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        2. After TRUNK-2673 small form import B.snapshot.gz
          5.88 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        3. final error after large form import.png
          103 kB
          Jeremy Keiper
        4. importing screenshot.png
          210 kB
          Jeremy Keiper
        5. MDS - during import (large form, 120 minutes).snapshot.gz
          7.98 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        6. MDS - during import (large form, 150 minutes).snapshot.gz
          8.05 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        7. MDS - during import (large form, 30 minutes).snapshot.gz
          7.92 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        8. MDS - during import (large form, 60 minutes).snapshot.gz
          7.94 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        9. MDS - during import (large form, 90 minutes).snapshot.gz
          7.94 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        10. MDS - during import (large form, early).snapshot.gz
          7.34 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        11. MDS - during import (small form).snapshot.gz
          6.29 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        12. MDS - final error after large form import.txt
          25 kB
          Jeremy Keiper
        13. MDS - initial import (large form).snapshot.gz
          3.83 MB
          Jeremy Keiper
        14. MDS - saveImportedItems call.txt
          350 kB
          Jeremy Keiper

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