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Create a new Prescription



    • Type: Story
    • Status: Accepted
    • Priority: TBD
    • Resolution: Fixed
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      As a clinician i want to add/create a new prescription for a patient so that the patient can be administered to with the new prescription.

      Context, User and Environment

      Will be entered by clinicians on ward rounds in the red zone, but the prescription can still be completed in the green zone on a laptop

      Acceptance Criteria

      • On clicking add a new prescription, user should be taken to a page showing an option to select most common drug or a search option at the top of the list to search for any other drug that might not be listed below.
        On selecting Other Option user should be able to type the first letters of a drug in a search box and get a list of drugs matching the characters input.
      • once a user selects a drug, a pop up page with the selected drug should load giving the user the option to select the required drug route and form
      • On selecting the drug route and form, a page with the selected drug should load with the following data points:
        • Dose with the following data points for Unit
          • mg
          • mg/kg
          • mL
          • mL/kg
          • IU
          • mcg
          • mcg/kg
          • Grams
        • Time of day
          • Morning
          • Afternoon
          • Evening
          • Night
        • Duration
          • Text box for Days
          • Once off
      • A user has an option to specify if the drug is a PRN( in the event of) Prescription, if this option is ticked, then the user has the following data points to choose from:
        • pain
        • insomnia
        • diarrhea
        • nausea
        • fever
        • indigestion
        • agitation
        • anxiety (that's different from agitation, but the clinicians can decide if they need both)
        • constipation
        • cough
      • In case an emergency administration is needed, a user can tick the check box labelled " first dose right away"
      • will fill in details later check box option
        • on ticking this check box, user should be given a free form text box to make notes which can be revised later.
      • Save and add a new prescription button when clicked takes the user back to the list of most common used drugs
      • Finish button when clicked takes the user back to the Patient Summary Page


      • if the user uses the option of making a full prescription,the following fields should have data entered in them;
        • Route
        • Duration
        • Time of Day
        • Dose

      Bugs and comments:

      • Give First dose right away check box is missing


      • what happens to the free form text box in the green zone, can a doctor uncheck this and complete the prescription?
      • Do we need to capture time for drugs which are taken at different intervals e.g 4hrs, 9hrs, 12hrs,17hrs?
      • What are the other routes apart from Oral, IV, IM
      • should we use abbreviations for unit of measure?

      Phase 2

      • Show hints: an expandable link that shows hints on how the drug can be prescribed


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